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Citizen of Rome - Dynasty Ascendant is a family/Dynasty life sim set in the Roman Republic.

You get to see how life was in the Ancient Republic, participate in their various customs, festivals and Ludi / sporting competitions, while raising a family and moving up in the social and economic hierarchy in the Republic.

You can educate your children, marry them off, sponsor their elections and much more. You'll usually play as the eldest of your sons once your character dies.

The game is open-ended without a set endgame just like in real life, but a grand goal for any ambitious Roman family was to land a Consulship of the republic. This could be your goal in the game as well, climbing the Cursus Honorum and becoming a "New Man" - "Novus Homo"

WARNING: The game just like fate will beat you down from time to time and you might find all that you worked for being taken away from you in an instant, but the way things are set up you'll almost certainly end up growing wealthy and reach the Senatorial class at some point despite various setbacks. There is no game-over and life goes on no matter what

A core philosophy of the game is that just like in real life, there's no winning or losing, just experiencing life and having fun at it no matter where it takes you. The game should be fun in its own way at every level, no matter if you're a prole or a senator, but with things just playing differently and with different goals and challenges

Please contribute any ideas, bugs and suggestions via an email to rome@thestartupengine.net

Gameplay features:

  • Fully offline, no ads, no in-app purchases
  • Marriage, Birth, Death, and Succession
  • Property and economy
  • Several key Roman festivals
  • Traits and Skills
  • Education
  • Apprenticeships and employment
  • Elections and Class progression
  • Random interactions and events
  • Achievements
  • Dark Mode
  • Easy Mode


Citizen of Rome - Dynasty Ascendant is also available on Steam

Join us on Discord - https://discord.gg/ZVkxjC5

Long live the Republic!



Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Hi there.
Offer us, please, a 'mod' system (easy way, please), so we can improve the game with lots of roman citizen's rotine ideas, etc.

Loved the game!

Can not install the game. I have sent the intallation error info many times.

Really sorry this happened. What platform is this on? Can you please email us any details at rome@thestartupengine.net

Your OS's submit 'intallation error info' doesn't really reach us